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Hangzhou's foreign trade enterprises innovate and grow

(www.ecf.gov.cn)        Updated: 2018-02-28

The good momentum of foreign trade in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province may be greatly attributed to the transformation and upgrading of the city's traditional manufacturing industry. Last year, Hangzhou launched a variety of intelligent manufacturing-focused special actions, helping 41,500 traditional enterprises transform to internet-based ones, and finishing 574 key automation projects and 123 factory Internet of Things projects. These fruitful results were generated by innovative thinking.

Innovation in Hangzhou is accelerating and is responsible for the city's manufacturing industry's development from a traditional to an intelligent model and from extensive growth to high-quality growth.

At the upcoming 28th East China Fair, Hangzhou's enterprises, such as the following, are sure to attract attention.

Hangzhou Tian Yuan Pet Products Factory

Making interesting multifunctional food balls for pets

Established in 2003, the Hangzhou Tian Yuan Pet Products Factory focuses on the design, R&D, production and selling of dog beds, cat trees, pet clothes, pet toys, and other pet-use products.

Tian Yuan has set up an R&D center to develop new products that satisfy consumer needs and have great market potential, and is emerging as a technological leader in the industry. For instance, Tian Yuan has developed a "three in one" tumbler-like food ball for pets, which is extremely popular. The product, combining food with a plastic ball and various pet toys, places a device inside the ball which when activated causes the ball to spin and the food stored inside to be presented; a practical and entertaining effect. The product's activating device, laser and tumbler-like features, food presentation function, and matched pet toys were carefully designed and independently developed by Tian Yuan.

Through years of development Tian Yuan has gained rich experience and strong technology in pet product design, including product molding (biomimetic mechanic) technology used for pet tree products, superfine fiber flexible treatment technology and 3D braided structure assistant rapid modeling software used for pet beds. It also has experience in remote color information and image-text transfer, X-ray integrated module technology used for intelligence-training of pet toys, intelligent sensors, radio frequency identification technology, and bio-enzymatic treatment technology used for fabrics. The company currently has 96 patents (three foreign and 93 domestic), seven software copyrights, and 30 art work copyrights.

Hangzhou Hengxin Export and Import Co

Growing fast in the slipper market by virtue of its own brand

Founded in 2004, Hangzhou Hengxin Export and Import Co combines design, R&D, production, and wholesale and retail sales of slippers. At present, foreign trade has a surplus and domestic demand needs to improve. In such a situation, Hengxin has stuck to innovation and achieved steady and rapid growth.

The slipper market is full of fierce homogeneous competition. Most products are low quality and try to compete through price wars. As the Chinese labor force becomes more expensive, companies focus on low-end products but find it hard to compete with those of Southeast Asian countries. Hengxin does exactly the opposite. It targets a mid and high-end international market by pursuing independent innovation. It has had an R&D department since its opening. It offers overseas clients customized service, and also develops new fashionable products to give clients more choices. Thanks to its independent innovation, Hengxin stands out from numerous Chinese slipper manufacturers and is preferred by overseas buyers.

Hengxin began manufacturing its own brand Corifei in 2008 with original equipment. The brand is still popular and profitable. The core competitiveness of shoe brands lies in creativity and quality of products. A brand can remain appealing and competitive only when it keeps changing its product designs. Corifei features novel and environmentally-friendly materials, top-rated design, and excellent manufacturing techniques. Corifei slippers are great to look at, feel comfortable, and are durable. With a variety of innovative products, the brand has grown very fast in the slipper market. It now reaches more than 20 countries including Russia, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Japan, and South Korea.

It is an inevitable development path for a foreign trade company that first finds other factories to produce products for them and later builds their own production bases. In 2015, Hengxin completed the construction of its new production bases and a variety of internationally-advanced production lines were put into use. In the near future, more products representing Hengxin’s high-level intelligent manufacturing capacity will be developed here.

Hangzhou HISAZUMI Co

Occupying 80 percent of Japan's moisture absorption mat market

Hangzhou HISAZUMI Co is a Japanese-funded company that opened in 1992 and integrates R&D, design, production, and sale of home textile products. Its products include cushions for casual support and seats, carpets, blankets, bedding, and pet products. With development over more than two decades, the company has formed a unique brand advantage in the home textile industry. Its products, 80 percent of which are exported to Japan, feature good moisture absorption performance. Its moisture absorption mat even has 80 percent of the Japanese market.

The market changes quickly and consumers' needs vary in different periods. A few years ago, customers didn't pay attention to moisture absorption. But nowadays, their demands on moisture absorption performance and comfort are growing higher and higher. Products' moisture absorption performance determines their market occupancy. HISAZUMI noticed this market trend and realized that it had to turn to technological innovation and develop more new products so as to continue its market dominance.

Its newly-developed bedding has gained significant popularity. The fabric is made from new moisture absorption materials and uses silicone, a durable material, to ensure good moisture absorption and moisture proofing. The bedding does not become moldy or smell after prolonged use and can be washed and dried in the sun, which is equally good for housekeeping and health.