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Zhejiang light industrial enterprises: overseas market is profitable when keeping an active mind

(www.ecf.gov.cn)        Updated: 2018-03-07

The news of Chinese consumers rushing to purchase toilet lids and electronic rice cookers overseas has hit the nerve of China's light industrial enterprises. With years of innovative development, China's light industry has upgraded in multiple levels and diversified ways. Many Chinese household articles have started entering the mid- to high-end global market.

In 2017, Zhejiang's industrial economy maintained a steady growth, which is attributed to the economy's transformation from being factor-driven to innovation-driven. To be more specific, Zhejiang works on transforming and upgrading the light industry-included traditional manufacturing industry so as to promote its high-quality development. The province has classified the traditional manufacturing enterprises and rolled out respective measures to help them in a more precise way, which effectively improves the competitiveness of traditional manufacturing industry. In the first 11 months, the total profits of 10 key sub-categories of Zhejiang's traditional manufacturing industry saw a year-on-year increase of 25.4 percent.

He who does not advance loses ground. To expand the international market, Zhejiang manufacturers have continued to improve upon their own quality. Under the double pressure of a slowing economy and increasing labor cost, Zhejiang's light industry-focused foreign trade enterprises are turning to intelligent manufacturing. The following Zhejiang enterprises attending the 28th East China Fair have all mentioned that "overseas market is profitable as long as they keep an active mind".

Yiwu Kaibo Painting Material Co: high technology makes oil paintings come "alive"

Founded in 2000, Yiwu Kaibo Painting Material Co focuses on the production of oil painting frames, canvas, easels, pigments, and brushes. Its products are mainly exported to countries such as France, South Korea, Italy, South Africa, Germany, and Australia. With more than a decade of development, Kaibo has become one of China's largest painting material manufacturers.

In order to improve its competitiveness in the market and its capacity to fight against new challenges, Kaibo has dedicated to innovating its traditional products and developing new products. At the end of 2015, Kaibo built a technical team concentrating on 4D augmented reality (AR) technology. The company intends to use the technology in early education products for infants and painting games. Eventually, the company combined traditional oil painting frame with AR technology and developed a type of animated 4D oil painting. Its painting frame products developing from 2D to 4D possess new vitality and a remarkable expressive force. Meanwhile, the company also works on early education products for infants and spent a year developing 4D animal cards and related products.

Currently, Kaibo has continued to explore new technologies, develop new functions, and design new products. Its technical team creates plots and stories based customers' ideas. They can turn the wonderful ideas of customers into real and novel products. This customized service also helps the company stand out in the market.

Zhejiang Songyang Jinxing Stationery Co: product price increases 15 percent after innovation of manufacturing techniques

It is well-known that the cost of wood occupies a large proportion of the total cost of making a pencil. In recent years, Zhejiang Songyang Jinxing Stationery Co has decided to use fast-growing poplar to make pencils lower their costs. The price of poplar is almost half that of the commonly-used basswood. But the surface of poplar-made pencil is not smooth and can easily have burrs, which makes the products not good to look at and use.

After a year of continuous efforts, Songyang Jinxing improved its manufacturing techniques and made the surface of its pencils smooth by using transient heating technology. The paraffined surface turned out to be smoother than expected. The painted surfaces looked even better and gave users better hand feeling. Therefore, the price is 15 percent higher than that of ordinary products.

Innovation brings profits. In 2017, the company's total sales revenue increased by 10 percent compared to last year, and the sales revenue is predicted to continue increasing by 10 to 20 percent in 2018.

Huzhou Mino Daily Chemicals Co: unique R&D style helps open the African market

A company's research and development is usually product-oriented. But the R&D at the Huzhou Mino Daily Chemicals Co is market-oriented. Take hair relaxer for example. According to market investigation, Mino found that hair relaxer products are in great demand in Africa. If each African woman uses a box of hair relaxer every month on average, the entirety of Africa would require 1 billion boxes of hair relaxers every year.

Therefore, Mino concentrates on developing hair relaxer suitable for Africans. In 2014, Mino developed a new type of hair relaxer and gained two patents. Mino's hair relaxer products were sold extremely well and received good market feedback after being put into the African market. Thereafter, the company regarded Africa as a major market and achieved good results. Currently, Mino has gained 32 patents for utility models, one patent for invention, and one design patent. It also continues to increase investment on its R&D.

Founded in 1994, Mino specializes in the production and sales of hair products and skin care products. It started doing export business in 2003 and has become one of China's largest hair dye products exporters. Its clients are scattered all over the world, including Walmart, Dollar Tree and CVS in the United States, and 99P Stores in the UK.

Anji Original Home Product Co: massage armchair that can alleviate back pains

Established in 2014, the Original Home Product Co comes from Anji in Zhejiang province, known as Home of Swivel Chair in China. The company focuses on the R&D and design of leisure, environmental-friendly, and healthy chairs. Its products have a very large market share in Japan.

The company knows that only when it has original products can it truly dominate the market. In 2015, it worked with Heye Health Technology to develop a type armchair that can massage all parts of human body with gyromagnetic effect. The chair uses specially-made permanent magnet and embedded gyromagnetic devices that can unconsciously alleviate users' back muscle pains and headache when they rest on the chair.

At present, the company has over 20 design patents and two patents for utility models, and it is working on the application of 10 new patents. The company's annual output value has increased from 3 million yuan to nearly 80 million yuan over the past four years through innovation.