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"Quality Zhejiang products" break through the "last mile" to reach global consumers

(www.ecf.gov.cn)        Updated: 2018-03-07

In recent years, China's Zhejiang province has been working on its branding strategy. In the foreign trade sector, a project called "Quality Zhejiang products, marketing across the globe" has been carried out, relying on its self-owned brands to expand the international market.

Zhejiang is an export-oriented province, mainly working on OEM (original equipment manufacturing). But since 2008, the province has been strengthening the establishment of self-owned brands, and advancing nurturing famous export brands. Thus, it now has a group of brands with unique characteristics, high quality, independent technology, and strong competitiveness. The outstanding brands are eligible for honorary the honorary title of "Zhejiang's Famous Export Brand".

The Zhejiang Department of Commerce said that it will further promote the "Quality Zhejiang products, marketing across the globe" project, help Zhejiang brands tap into the mid to high-end international market, and ensure Zhejiang products are sold in greater quantities, in more distant locations, and at better prices by building "Quality Zhejiang Product" markers and brand cultivation systems.

Quality Zhejiang products show up at East China Fair

Zhejiang's foreign trade enterprises have long regarded the East China Fair (ECF) as a significant exhibition platform. It was at the opening ceremony of the 26th ECF that the "Quality Zhejiang products, marketing across the globe" global branding promotion campaign began. This year's ECF will once again be attended by Zhejiang enterprises with self-owned brands.

Zhejiang Int'l Business Sky-Land I/E Co specializes in foreign trade and has more than 100 products divided into 10 categories. Its business reaches over 50 countries and regions all over the world and it has built steady partnerships with over 200 companies.

The company has registered a suitcase and bag trademark, "TRANSWORLD". The brand was built in the 1990s in Jiaxing city and has gained international fame. Good products cannot be produced without good equipment. TRANSWORLD has domestically-advanced manufacturing technology and over 40 production lines, which ensure the good quality and durability of its products.

Forasen Holdings, established in 1994, started in the business of organic edible mushrooms. But now, its businesses cover the massive health industry integrating green agricultural products, up-market vegetarian products, and biomedicine, as well as environmentally-friendly new energy industries such as biomass power generation, activated carbon, and new energy and Internet-connected vehicles.

With the goal of "building green brands and maintaining sustainable development", Forasen insists on developing green, environmentally-friendly, and healthy brands and producing safe products. The company is also consumer-centered, always seeking new product ideas. At present, it has several famous brands such as "Forasen", "Charcoal Doctor", "Farmmi", "Shangchi", and "Dongou".

Winsun Import & Export Group works on the imports and exports of various commodities and technologies, the processing of imported materials, and the processing and compensation trade. Its products include suitcases, bags, clothes, hardware, mechanical and electrical equipment, chemical engineering, and household articles. The company pays great attention to brand building when seeking international, professional, and large-scale development.

In 2000, Winsun built a suitcase and bag brand, "MODS". The brand had received trademark rights in China, European Union, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many other countries and regions by 2006. The brand targets the global market, and its products have complete specifications and are able to satisfy the needs of different consumers. They have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions including the European Union, the United States, South America, the Asia-Pacific region, and Australia, and are widely acclaimed by overseas consumers. Moreover, the company now has 14 registered trademarks, five patents for utility models, and 53 design patents.

Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Corp is a manufacturer of silk fabric and clothes and is one of China's largest silk products manufacturing and sales companies. The company regards R&D and self-owned brands as the driving force for its sustainable development.

Jiaxin keeps optimizing and adjusting its brand layout and organizational structure, and tries to establish different types of brands. The brand "Jinsanta" is for silk underwear and home wear. It uses an e-commerce marketing strategy and aims to be the no 1 in the silk underwear and home wear e-commerce industry. The brand is also expected to develop into the best silk home wear brand in China, providing healthy and comfortable products. The brand "DI SETA" is for up-market women's wear. It mainly sells through direct-sale stores and a certain number of franchisees. In recent years, it has worked on improving its design and optimizing marketing channels in hopes of turning "DI SETA" into a renowned silk-featured fashion brand.

Additionally, Jiaxin hires well-known Italian designers to improve the R&D, design and promotion of its fashion brand.

Sunsun Group, established in 1985, has taken the lead in recreational aquatic products, aquaculture equipment, and industrial supporting facilities after the development of more than two decades. In 2017, its industrial output value reached 980 million yuan and its self-developed exports amounted to $15.79 million, increasing 32.6 percent year on year.

Sunsun insists on developing technological industries, global marketing channels, and international brands by building up a brand and the expanding its market occupancy. The brand "Sunsun" has been recognized as a "Famous Trademark of China" by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, and "Yuting" has been recognized as a "Famous Trademark of Zhejiang".

Zhejiang brands use various international marketing strategies

In recent years, Zhejiang has been keen on expanding markets, deepening its communication and cooperation with Chinese and overseas institutions, and brand and marketing promotion via multiple channels. It strives to break through the last mile separating its enterprises, products, and brands from global consumers.

Zhejiang's Department of Commerce has mapped out major exhibitions worthy of attending to help "quality Zhejiang products" expand internationally. It organized local enterprises to attend the Canton Fair, the East China Fair, internationally-known mid- to high-end exhibitions, and key exhibitions held along the Belt and Road Initiative route. It also launched five overseas exhibitions to display and sell Zhejiang's famous export brands and to help its self-owned brands tap into high-end international market.

Zhejiang enterprises have also pulled out all stops to vitalize their brands and to expand their international market.

Sunsun Group keeps up with the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and seeks business cooperation with enterprises in BRICS countries. In addition, it makes full use of various exhibitions. Every year, it attends international exhibitions in Germany, the United States, the UK, and the Middle East, as well as famous domestic exhibitions such as East China Fair, Canton Fair, and China Int'l Pet Show.

In comparison, Winsun uses more diversified measures. Currently, it has set up overseas subsidiaries in the UK, and invested in an Australian joint venture. It also tries to integrate overseas marketing and brand operation resources for suitcases, bags, and shoe products. In 2017, the company registered two companies in the Netherlands and built an overseas bonded warehouse.

Jiaxin applies Internet technology into its international market expansion. It established a one-stop modern logistics and online trading integrated management system via the construction of a silk e-commerce trading and information platform. The system integrates electronic trading (right pricing), online finance (fund flow), warehousing, and logistics, collaborative commerce (business flow), and information portal (information flow) to realize a combination of online and offline businesses.