• Preview of cross-border e-commerce exhibition at 28th ECF


    The combination of internet and foreign trade creates the boom of cross-border e-commerce. With advantages of global business network, fast logistics, and low costs, cross-border e-commerce helps traditional foreign trade enter a new era and solves the companies' difficulties in receiving orders, raising funds, and circulation.

  • Four-day East China Fair to be more effective


    The 28th East China Fair (ECF), to be held from March 1 to 4, 2018, is to be one day shorter than last year's event, the ECF Council decided on Nov 24 at their second work conference. The decision aims to improve the fair's impact: the client-oriented "subtraction" is expected to be an "addition".

  • Online-booking QC: how to develop further in the Internet Plus and sharing era


    Nowadays, car hailing and sharing bikes have played significant roles in the transportation sector. The new production models of "sharing capacity" and "sharing factory" have sprung up all over the nation. And an innovative model of "online-booking QC (quality control)" is becoming the new trend of third-party quality control services.

  • The 28th East China Fair: DATE CHANGE


    Please note that the date of the 28th East China Fair has been changed to March 1 – 4, 2018.

About East China Fair

East China Fair (ECF) is the largest trade fair organized in China that has traders from across the world and also has the highest turnover.