• "Arena" constructed for national foreign trade firms


    For foreign trade enterprises, East China Fair is a platform full of commercial opportunities. In recent years, as ECF's influence has increased, a new trend has emerged as large-scale enterprises outside East China also attend the fair.

  • East China Fair to build foreign trade development platform for provinces and cities from Yangtze River Delta region


    The annual ECF has made significant contributions to promoting the export of foreign trade enterprises in Yangtze River Delta region over the past 27 years and now it will take the location advantage of its host provinces and cities to advance the integrated development of foreign trade in the Yangtze River Delta region.

  • Cross-border e-commerce exhibition at 28th ECF covers 6,000 sq m


    The cross-border e-commerce exhibition at the East China Fair (ECF) has developed at a rapid pace since its first launch in 2016. Last year, the exhibition was widely acclaimed for providing foreign trade enterprises with new marketing channels and space for growth and helped the enterprises improve their international competitiveness.

  • China pays attention to processing trade again


    Processing trade forms a significant part of China's export-oriented economy. It used to be prosperous, but in recent years, it has become the pronoun of "unpromising" due to many people regarding self-owned brands as the only way to deal with the severe international trade situation.

About East China Fair

East China Fair (ECF) is the largest trade fair organized in China that has traders from across the world and also has the highest turnover.